We are dedicated to the task of ensuring that all accounting records, reports and returns are prepared in a timely and efficient manner, at a cost effective and reasonable price for our clients.


According to Cyprus’ Companies Law, all companies incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus have an annual obligation to submit to the Registrar of Companies and the Inland Revenue its audited financial statements.

At ILM Advisory, we don’t view the annual audit only as a control procedure or a statutory obligation, but as a means to provide our clients with a detailed and an in-depth presentation of their financial statement and as an opportunity to identify areas and methods to improve the company’s business.

We aim to provide cost effective auditing services. The experience and knowledge of our Audit team, allows them to concentrate on what is important – giving added value to companies.
Our approach is tailored to each client’s circumstances such as the industry sector, the size and the operations. We emphasizes on the understanding of the existing risks that the business faces and propose to the  Management the appropriate internal audit systems that is needed for the control and limitation of such risks.

We are able to undertake all types of audit assignments, including:

• Statutory audit of annual financial statements for submission to authorities
• Internal audit function
• Specific purpose audits
• Investigations

Other audit services:

• Due Diligence
• Limited Review
• Evaluation and design of accounting and internal audit control systems
• Guidance and help in composing of financial statements

In addition, in co-operation with our associate accounting and auditing firms worldwide, we are able to provide auditing services almost anywhere in the world.